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Benefits of Window Tinting on the Sunshine Coast

Home Tinting on the Sunshine Coast is a great way of creating an energy efficient home. We have hot humid summers with mild winters and the glass is the weak point for heat entering your home. The easiest and most cost effective way of keeping heat out in summer is with window tinting.

Studies have shown that applying a quality window film to an existing house is more cost effective than other energy saving measures (like installing ceiling insulation) by as much as 400%.

Reduce your energy consumption, save on power bills and reduce your carbon footprint plus so much more.

Reduce Heat

Top quality, latest technology films give the highest heat rejection for their shade of darkness.

50 %
Heat Reduction

Cut Out UV

All our window films stop 99% of the UV.
Even our clear and nearly clear high performance films.

50 %
Reduction in UV

Decrease Glare

Reduce the glare on your TV or computer – whether it be direct glare or from the ocean, pool or neighbors roof.

50 %
Decrease in Glare

It Looks Great

Create a uniform and attractive apearance. Choose a film to suit the style of your home. Black, Charcoal, Neutral, Bronze, Silver……

Beautiful Windows

Add Safety & Security

Solar control window film adds an element of safety by holding broken glass together. Or go to the next level with a dedicated safety or security film. 

Security Film

Create Privacy

Create privacy and enhance your view. In this picture the top level is tinted so the curtains are no longer required for privacy.

Create an Energy Efficient Home

With windows contributing up to 87% of your homes heat gain, window film can lower home cooling energy consumption by between 15% and 30%.



Energy Savings

Reduce Fading

Sun damages your carpet, timber, furnishings! If you shut your curtains you block your view. Solution: Window Film

Causes of Fading

Causes of Fading
50 %
Fading Reduction

How to Ensure a Quality Glass Window Film

1. Manufacturer – Without doubt the best films are from the American manufacturers – unfortunately there are no window films made here in Australia.

2. Warranty – 

  1. Ensure that the warranty is in writing from the MANUFACTURER that way if the installer sells or goes out of business you still have a warranty.
  2. Check that the warranty is honoured in Australia.
  3. It should cover the following: cracking, crazing, peeling, bubbling, delamination, demetallising, adhesive failure, film fade, colour change and loss of performance in any measurable way.

3. Adhesive – Always ask and make sure that the adhesive is “Dry Water-Activated Adhesive” for the flat glass on your home. NOT “Pressure Sensitive Adhesive” which should only be used on cars (curved glass). “Dry Adhesive” films will last longer, won’t bubble and the adhesive won’t distort like “Pressure Sentitive Adhesive” will.

4. UV Filters – Always ask and make sure that the UV filters are in both the adhesive and the first layer of film. UV filters in the film itself last much longer to ensure your family and furnishings are always protected.

5. No Dye – The colour of the film should be from the metal or ceramic layers in the film. NOT DYE. No Dye = No Fading.

There are some other factors but this covers the most important. Feel free to contact us for a free measure and quote. 

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