Anti Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti Films

Protection against Graffiti and Etching

Anti graffiti window films are an invisible and sacrificial polyester film designed to protect glass and other smooth surfaces from graffiti and etching. The film has special adhesive which is strong but when removed it takes the glue and the graffiti with it. Used in problem areas where graffiti and etching are common it will save thousands of dollars in glass replacement. And save many hours of labour in cleaning and removing of graffiti.

The Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General estimate the clean up cost of graffiti in Queensland is $200 million per year. That is a massive amount and does not include graffiti removed privately. The Keep Australia Beautiful campaign encourages home owners and businesses to help wipe out graffiti by cleaning off the visual litter as soon as it appears. Graffiti vandals or ‘taggers’ enjoy seeing their handiwork on display. Immediate removal helps to prevent copycat offences and vandals from seeing their handiwork.

Anti Graffiti window film provides an extremely easy and cost-effective method of protecting glass and other flat surfaces. It also allows you to get rid of their vandalism quickly and easily by just peeling it off.

Anti Graffiti Film


Protect Smooth Surfaces From Graffiti

You can use anti graffiti films on many types of surface as long as it is smooth and non porous. Surfaces such as steel, stainless steel aluminium and of course glass are perfectly suited. It is commonly used to protect areas such as lift doors, mirrors, bus and train windows, bus stops, signage, taxis, shopfront windows, petrol stations, pharmacies, council and corporate offices and much more. Designers, architects, property managers and building managers are starting to appreciate its uses and specify anti-graffiti film on their projects. You peel the film off and the graffiti is gone straight away. Research says that fast removal is the best way to reduce repeat attacks.

Anti Graffiti Film Choices

Anti graffiti film is a clear film that is made up of a unique construction of polyester layers bonded with special adhesives. It comes in a standard 4mil thickness which will protect from paint, texta and light etching types of graffiti. A thicker 7mil product is also available to better protect from heavier etching. When installed on windows it does not distort the view out and as an added bonus will provide extra protection from glass breakage. This makes it harder for smash and grab type criminals. It also filters 99% of UV light so will reduce fading for shop front displays etc.


If you see someone vandalising property with graffiti you can report it to the Queensland Police Service on 131 444.  Or contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. To report graffiti in public locations contact your local council – (Sunshine Coast Council Customer Service Centre)


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