Nature Vue HD40

Clear Window Films

The Light and The Dark Of It

These days most of us are familiar with window tinting as an option for keeping heat out of the car or house. But when you think of tinting, just by the nature of that word “tinting”, many will picture something that is DARK – tinted

Well technology has improved over recent years allowing manufacturers to create high performance window films that are clear or nearly clear. When held up to the window, most people are amazed at how much heat some of these films keep out – and, they can barely see the difference between the film and the clear glass.

Obviously a film like this is no good where you would like to reduce glare, say on a TV screen or computer monitor. But they are absolutely perfect when you need to keep heat out but want to maintain your current levels of natural light .

Film Labelling

Window films are compared to each other by how much light they let through. The film will have a name, say “Matrix” and a number. The number will be telling us how much light the film lets through. So Matrix 05 lets through only 5% light – a very dark film perhaps suited to a media room. Matrix 15 obviously lets through 15% light and so forth.

Once you get up to around 40% light transmission you are getting into the area of barely noticeable when installed on the glass. In the picture of the two windows looking out onto the pool, the left hand pane has our Nature Vue 40 installed whilst the right hand pane is still clear glass. Hard to tell the difference and yet Nature Vue High Definition 40 will reduce the heat that was coming through the clear glass by 57%. Cutting the heat down by over half!



Natural light was important in this home so the owner decided on a “barely there” film, maintained the bright light filled room but cut the North Westerly sun’s heat by 50%, not to mention reduced fading and sun damage by stopping 99% of the UV. You might be surprised to know that only the windows on the left were tinted at this stage.

Clear Films

When you get to 70% light transmision we are talking films that are more or less clear. Certainly they will not make any noticeable difference to the light levels in your room. But will they keep any heat out? YES they do! Films like our Vortex IR70 are indiscernable on the glass and yet reduce the heat coming through your windows by a very respectable 51%. Most people say “How? Its almost clear”. Well it has to do with the latest technology “Nano-Crystal ceramic construction” but we will leave that for another post.

Obviously some films can keep out a whopping 83% heat but they are dark and will make the room dark. When you have a heat problem and would like to maintain the beautiful natural light levels in your room the choice is clear, the film is clear and the result is fantastic.

Let me help you choose the right film for your room. Get in contact and organise a free consultation to discuss the options. And dont think the same film needs to go everywhere. Each situation and room will have different requirements and so it fits that a different film might be required to do the best job for that location.

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